Guide to Successful Online Business Part 1

In this tutorial I will Guide you on how to Create a Successful Online Business. How it’s done, what are the tools needed and some recommended people to work with when you decided to start.


Online Business can be described in many different ways. One example of it is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing as you may know is about promoting other people’s product and earn commission based on how much the seller is willing to pay you. You get to promote products through affiliate link. You can have an affiliate account on Warriorplus, JVzoo, and Clickbank. Personally, I used Warriorplus because it’s very easy to look for products to promote, you can see immediately its sales page and you can look inside of it to see if that certain product is something your subscribers would want to purchase

Note: before promoting products or start affiliate marketing, you must first write down three essential things your subscribers need assistance with.

1.) What they want?

2.) What they need?

3.) What is their problem?

By identifying these three things, you will be able to determine accurately what kind of products or service will be very useful to them and this will surely increase your chances of making a sale!

Now, since this is the first part of the affiliate marketing tutorial, the topic is all about Lead Capture page.

What is Squeeze Page?

Lead Page.jpg

Squeeze Page is one of the tools you will need when you start affiliate marketing. It funnels down your subscribers down to your list where they will receive emails and offers from you in the future (we will talk about that on the part 2 of the tutorial)

What your Squeeze Page must contain?

First, your Squeeze Page must be simple yet catchy!

It must contain words of simplicity like “Simple Two Step Formula”, “3 Step to 5 figures per month”, “Work from home simple system”, and so many more. The point is, the visitors of your Lead Capture Page must see how easy and simple it is!


Second, there must be some kind of reward that is achievable in a short amount of time.


Of course affiliate marketing is about making money. That is the whole point of doing this! So you need to make sure that your Lead Capture Page contains some kind of reward and time to achieve it like “earns me $146.72 in 12 Hours”. As you observe, the reward there is “earns me $146.72” but what will capture your visitor’s attention more is how quick they can actually make it by including “in 12 hours” . Good reward combined with a promise of shortest amount of time.

Third and certainly not the least important, make them curious!


Sending visitors to your Lead Capture Page without making them curious will eventually not going to convert really well. Have you ever experienced being curious to try a certain thing even if it’s something unfamiliar to you and you ended up trying it? That’s the point on making them curious! If your visitors became curious on how you make money online, they’re most likely to sign up to your Lead Capture Page. Your Lead Capture Page must contain words of curiosity like “This is Weird, But it Works!”. By including the word “weird” makes it more interesting and will start to make your visitors curious about your offer and bam! You have your subscribers now which will receive an offer from you for the days to come!

I recommend that you try my Done-For-You Squeeze Page that will convert at around 50% or higher!

I shared a video down below for you to know how to create a website first

Watch this video on how to create a website within 8 minutes

How do you contact me for your “Done-For-You” Squeeze Page?

You can send me a message on Facebook: Clark Honsayco Dawal

See you on the Part 2 of Guide to Successful Online Business

Guide to Successful Online Business Part 2


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