Guide to Successful Online Business Part 3

We’re now on the last part of the Online Business tutorial. And in this part we will be focusing on how to drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page.

The third part of the tutorial is probably the most important part of the process if you really want to succeed in Online Business. You have to work with other people to help you grow your list and have a good quality subscribers.

In this part of the tutorial, I will be recommending you some people who are best to work with. They are all helpful in their own ways and they will be happy to help you as well. But before that, I will explain to you why the third part of the tutorial is the most important part of the process.

Since this part of the tutorial is focused on driving traffic to your Squeeze Page, I will tell you upfront that this is also the HARDEST PART!

So, what is traffic and how it became the most important part of the process in Online Business?

Traffic is also known as your visitors. Those visitors as we talked about in Part 1, are your potential subscribers. Imagine if you will have 10,000 visitors and 50% of them subscribe to your list that makes it 5000 subscribers in your list.

Now, if you create emails, promoting other people’s products that will pay you 100% commission, and it will be sent to 5000 people and let’s say only 10% of those subscribers decided to open your email so that means 500 people opened your email. And out of those 500 people, only 5% of them decided to purchase the product that is equal to 25 people who purchased the product that you are offering. If the product is at least $10 in price, you will earn $250 instantly!

That is the reason why having a traffic to your Squeeze Page is really important!

There are two ways to generate traffic:

  • Solo Ads
  • Organic traffic

Let’s talk about Organic Traffic before we go to Solo Ads

Organic Traffic is also known as free traffic. These are the traffic that is generated from Facebook, Google, and other social media platform.

Organic Traffic seems lucrative but it is harder to generate compare to Solo Ads and it will cost you a lot of time to see some results.

I will make another blog on how to generate organic traffic. But for now we will be focusing on solo ads.


What is Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are paid traffic that you can purchase from people who are generating it.

But you must know that not all people are selling REAL traffic. Some of them are selling bot traffic and that means no sale will be generated from them because they are not real people.

Solo Ads can be purchased from people, and the easiest way to look for solo ad sellers is from Facebook group named Solo Ads Testimonials.

There are thousands of people in that group that are selling traffic. You can read on their feedback to see if they are providing good quality traffic.

Once you find someone who you think is providing the best traffic, you can send them message and say like “Hey, I want to purchase traffic from you” and wait for their response

There are people who are providing cheap price for traffic. In some cases these are fake, and low quality traffic. You will only waste your time and money on purchasing traffic for a cheap price.

The lowest price for a good quality traffic is around 35 cents per click.

Once you find someone who do you think is selling a good quality traffic, he/she will be asking for the URL of your Squeeze Page.

As I promised, I will include some people to work with as you decided to start your Online Business that will helped you get the results that you want quickly as possible.

The people I recommend are as follows:

  • Daniel Whittaker – He is a Solo Ad seller. I generated sales from the traffic I purchased from him. His traffic is always fresh and has the best quality
  • Ahmed Osman– He sells cheap quality traffic for like 32 cents. If you’re just starting out, he’s the best to talk to because he is accommodating and negotiable.
  • Johnny Aviles – He helped me generate traffic to my blog and to my Lead Capture Page. It really helped me a lot when I was starting on Affiliate Marketing
  • Brendan Mace – He is my mentor when it comes to affiliate marketing. He is the first person to help me get started. He provided me a good quality course that lays out all the information needed to get started with affiliate marketing.

Those are my recommended people if you decided to start your journey in Online Business

I also include some products that will surely help you get started with Online Business. I personally purchased and follow the steps instructed in these tutorials and I can attest that these products are of the best quality for your money.

Those are the products I’ve purchased and really worked well for me.

If you have any question with regards to Online Business, you can contact me on my Facebook account: Clark HonsaycoDawal

Also, please subscribe to my Newsletter and be updated about my new posts, blog, and some special offer.

I am happy and willing to help you out!

Hoping for the best of your Journey! Good luck!


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